Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This weekend we had some new arrivals, Paul (NYC), James (London), and two Danish girls whose names I can't remember. They are all nice, and now both Peace Houses are at capacity- there are 22 of us. It really feels like there are a lot more people than when I got here even though there were only 16 before.
Anyway, Monday I took Paul to the Green Bamboo shelter in the morning, then went to Ky Kuang in the afternoon. It was a pretty standard day, nothing exciting happened. In the evening I went for a run with the Swedes then came back and relaxed for the rest of the night, I needed it after the long weekend and I had to save up energy for St Patty's Day...

Tuesday I took both Paul and James to Ky Kuang in the morning. At Ky Kuang there was an organization of dentists from the states called Bright Smiles that came to give all the kids dental checkups, so it was pretty hectic. A lot of the kids had to have cavities filled and/or teeth pulled so they were crying, bleeding, and generally upset. 

At lunch I went to a travel agent with Mikaela and Emma because we decided to go to an island off the southern tip of Vietnam called Phu Quoc for the week after I finish volunteering (they are taking a week off, they still have 3 more weeks after I'm done). The Swedish guys that took us to the restaurant Friday night are coming as well, although they only bought one way tickets- they are crazy, in a good way... The island looks beautiful, from what I've read it is what people that go to islands in Thailand are looking for- undeveloped, beautiful, and clean; I'm really excited. 

In the afternoon I had Vietnamese lessons. I learned how to say simple conversational words like "delicious", "beautiful", and "tired". Then for the next hour she told me about her trip to Phu Quoc. She confirmed that it is absolutely beautiful and got me even more excited. 

At 6:30 all of the volunteers went to an Irish pub called O'Briens. It was pretty boring, mostly an older crowd, and they weren't even playing Irish music. Some other people said that they heard of another bar that was having a better party just around the corner, so we went there with them. It was much, much more fun. There were two bands that played, one Vietnamese and one American. The American band had 3 members, a guitarist/singer, a bongo player named Bongo Bob, and a flutist named Jake the Snake. They were all in their 50's and really funny to watch. 

1. Sylvia with a crazy Vietnamese guy
2. Cronin, Vicki , Anika, Defne, and Sylvia 
3. Kate on stage singing and Irish song from her home town
4. Anika with Jake the Snake

At midnight 15 of the volunteers went home cause they were tired, but Anika, Sylvia, Paul, James, Claire, Kate, and I went to a club called Lush, which was really fancy. We danced there till 2, then Anika and I went home, but everyone stayed out until 9 am- they're crazy. All in all, a good St Patty's day.

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