Sunday, March 8, 2009

Of Talent Shows and Dancing...

Friday morning I went to Thi Nghe orphanage as usual, although it was no normal day. People were setting up a stage and a canopy for a talent show/pageant put on by the older children. Niko and I went upstairs and took some kids out of their cribs to lay on the mats. After an hour I took a toddler outside to watch the show. The contestants were paired up with volunteers with whom they had worked out skits, songs, poems, etc. to perform. There were maybe 200 children watching intently, which surprised me. The baby I had brought down, however, was more interested in watching the crowd than the show, and after an hour seemed to get pretty bored so I brought her back upstairs, then went down to help feed the older children. 

Pics: 1. Baby and I at the Talent show. 2. The talent show

In the afternoon I went to Ky Quang and had a pretty standard day there, nothing exciting happened. I came back to the PH to meet Jay (Maryland), Emma, and Mikaela for a sunset cocktail at the Rex Hotel's rooftop bar. We were all late, however, so we went to get burgers in the backpacker district instead- I can only eat so much Pho and other Vietnamese food, it was a nice break to have a cheeseburger with fries. After dinner we went to a hookah bar for drinks and some shisha, then played pool at GO2 bar for a bit before going dancing at Apocalypse Now, a popular club. Dancing was a blast, the place was packed with foreigners and locals alike. Locals would come and dance with us and would get really wild. I left at 1 because I had to get up at 6:30 to meet up with Niko and the boys from the Green Bamboo shelter to go to Vung Tau beach for the day. All in all a great night, I really like hanging out with the Swedish girls, they are easy going and spontaneous.    

Pics: 1. At the Hookah Bar. 2. Playing pool at GO2 3. Mikaela dancing with local woman- so much fun. The woman was prancing around and screaming at the top of her lungs.

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